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The community-based customer support platform for SaaS.
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is the new
Customer Support

One-to-one interactions don't scale. Support your users in a way that saves everyone time and money.

Strong Community Yields
Satisfied Users

  • Googleable Solutions

    Don't hide your customer service behind email and chat widgets. Pubb's public platform lets your users find solutions to their problems with ease.

  • Wisdom of the Crowds

    Sometimes other users know best. Harness their wisdom by using our platform.

  • Great ROI

    Make customer support fun again. Every issue you solve can help another user down the line – even while you sleep.

Zero to Hero

Work Smarter, Not Harder

  • Showcase Community Highlights

    Go beyond testimonials. Let your top users speak for you where they can respond to questions from potential users.

  • Go Beyond Email

    With Pubb.at, your users gain a place to chat about your product with the same power you've come to expect from chat apps like Slack and Facebook.

  • Capture Your Biggest Fans

    Nothing feels more welcome than a personal invite. Create invites for specific social media accounts, allowing your invitee to sign in without creating yet another account.

Beat the Competition with
Superior Support

  • Make Users Feel Appreciated

    Helping your users on a public platform shows the world how much you care.

  • Get Feedback Automatically

    Pubb.at automatically follows up with users who post and surveys their satisfaction level at just the right moment.

  • Send Direct Messages

    Sometimes nothing solves a problem better than a quick 1-to-1 chat. In those cases, Pubb.at has got you covered.

Zero to Hero

Save time and
Save Money

  • Organize Effortlessly

    Email is a mess. Give yourself an easier time by creating custom channels dedicated to the topics around your product.

  • Save Time on Support

    Our optimized workflow helps you serve quick and accurate responses to your users in need.

  • Publicize Your Solutions

    Don't hide your product's solutions behind a sign-in wall. Take advantage of search engine indexing and help your users help themselves.

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