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Give Your Community

Grow Your Community – Your way

  • Realtime Dialog

    Chat is disorganized, but forums feel outdated. Get the best of both world with Dialogs – realtime discussions designed to be read.

  • Community Highlights

    Capture the unique style of your community by pinning great moments on its dedicated Highlights page.

  • Be Open or Be Exclusive

    Make your group public with open signups and public conversations, or make it private and send personal email invitations.

Make More and Make Merry

  • Schedule Events

    Make use of Pubb's event features to create some good times for everyone.

  • Reduce Friction

    Reduce all friction. If your group is public, send public event links to your members at ease.

  • Capture the Moment

    Upload pictures and show off to others how cool your community really is!

Zero to Hero

Work Hard and
Get Paid

Zero to Hero
  • Reception Tracking

    Track and optimize how well your content is received by your community.

  • Member-specific Benefits

    Give your founding members the recognition they deserve with special flairs and discounted rates.

  • Membership Dues

    You've put the work into building and moderating your community. Now you can start charging for membership.

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